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Dakota Wirehairs - German Wirehaired Pointers

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"Gary you've done a great job raising the breed. We went pheasant hunting and finally found birds, we limited out by noon and he finally got to show us what he was bred for!! He has a nose that will find birds at least a mile away!!! I've had him duck and goose hunting the past few weeks and he retrieves in water or land. He really watches all the birds in the sky as they are flying. That's his entertainment when things get slow. He is really turning out to be all the dog I ever wanted and more! Stay in touch."

Richard Frey, Minot ND

"Gussie is an awesome hunter and you can see that she is certainly locked down hard on a bird. She is slightly less than two years old and already everything I could ask for in a bird dog. Breeding tells, doesn't it!"

Floyd Scott, Polson, MT

Dakota Wirehairs - Another Succesful Hunt

"Gary I should have bought two pups from you, at seven months Trever's pointing everything, leaping into the water for retrieves and is a great family pet."

Al Kolasch, Aberdeen, SD


          Misty just soaking up some sun!                                  

                       Misty just enjoying the snow!                                                                                                             Misty enjoying the water!

Hunting with Fritz

I can easily say that Fritz came to me as one of the smartest and most biddable puppies I have ever had the pleasure of sharing my home with.  He is a true testament to the hard work and love that Gary and Deb have put into their kennel.  Watching Fritz up to this point, seeing his natural instincts develop, and his general good demeanor I would highly recommend that anyone looking for a hunting Wirehair drop Gary a line.

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