German Wirehaired Pointer

In the field our German Wirehaired Pointers combine agility, strength, and endurance. Their natural pointing instinct is a trait bred into Dakota Wirehairs since we started breeding dogs. With little training our German Wirehaired Pointers will develop their natural instincts and personalities. They specialize in pointing and are strong retrievers with a soft mouth. They have strong swimming abilities and can be compared with the top water-retrieving breeds. Our dogs are extremely intelligent and aim to please their owners and family.

. . . here is a photo of your Puppy you sold me a few year ago. I tested him in a UT NAVHDA test this Fall and he got a Perfect 204.

- - Bob Miller - -


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German Wirehaired Pointer

Although the German Wirehaired Pointer's specialty is pointing, this versatile hunter is a strong retriever as well. Dakota Wirehair Pointers have done extremely well in many hunting tests. The dogs are easy to train and have a strong desire to retrieve; they are extremely intelligent and aim to please their owners. We often think they can read our minds. We have found over the years that they are the best all around hunting dog!